The Easiest Accounting Softwarefor Your Business

High end accounting and stock Software made specifically to make accounting and stock processes easier for your use and to provide a complete system to manage inventory. Surpasses other Software by its flexibility and specific reports.

A simple review of the most importsant features of INC-erp


Easy to Handle Credit/Cash Sales with an Arabic/English supported interface. Provides the ability to add an infinite number of items, customers, suppliers and invoices.


Through the purchase section, you can add all your purchases and calculate their total. You can also create returns through the purchase return option. You can view all reports related to purchases in the purchase section.


The items section has many options that allows you to manage your items with ease, such as: adding items, adding costs, printing barcodes, making categories, making brand groups, and more.

Customer & Supplier

Through customer & supplier section you can add customers and suppliers and create inside description expense code change to Expense Type You can also check each customer’s and supplier’s balance and create invoices for both and check their reports.


Easy to calculate employs’ salaries. Can be connected to an attendance machine, also able to generate time sheet, salary slip and more.


Comprehensive record for all processes done on invoices, sales, purchases, expenses and stock. Daybook,Cash Book,Bank Book, TrialBalance,Balance Sheet ,P&L Accounts etc.

General Reports

Allows you to manage all the accounts and view the accounting tree related to your business. You can also view all credit and cash transaction, notices, receipts. Allows you to create and export periodic reports.


There are many tools available that allows you to manage the Software with the highest efficiency such as: adding users, editing users, setting user limitations, editing company settings, adding branches for the company and more

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